Each week, MamaFare clients receive two quarts of herbal infusions, which are similar to a strong tea. Our infusions are nutrient dense and provide new mamas with healing hydration, much needed energy and improved digestion.

MamaFare's sample menu includes the following infusions, which our postpartum clients consume throughout the week, enjoying as they would sip a glass of iced tea.

  1. Nettle Leaves helps to replenish energy without the downside of caffeine, which is great for sleep deprived new moms! Dense in easily absorbed iron, Vitamins A,K,C, B complex (excluding B12), magnesium, and calcium.
  2. Oatstraw improves digestion, stabilizes mood, reduces anxiety and increases emotional flexibility. Loaded with all macro and trace minerals (more calcium than an equal volume of milk), B complex (except B12), and a significant source of protein.

How to Brew a Postpartum Herbal Infusion

We create our postpartum teas by infusing herbs with hot water. This method draws out vitamins, enzymes, and aromatic volatile oils. Here are the suggested steps you can take when making your own postpartum herbal teas:

Heat 4-6 cups (32 oz) of water on the stove or using your teapot until it is nearly boiling. Scoop 1 oz (2 tablespoons) of dried herb into a strainer and place it in a 1 quart size mason jar. Pour hot water over herbs and cover to keep the essential oils from escaping. Steep for a minimum of 4 hours, remove strainer and refrigerate jar. Enjoy tea within 6 days of brewing.

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