Each Meal Plan Includes ALL These Treats

  • A box of 10 mixed sweet treats (low GI sugar, nutrient dense) to satisfy those moments when you need dessert right now. (Ex: Almond Joy Bars, Lactation Cookies, Caramel Sea Salt Macaroons, Brownies, Yum!)
  • Fruit salad(s) or an assortment of fruits to be consumed as desired throughout the week. 

  • Two quarts of herbal infused tea. Nutrient dense, healing hydration.

Nettle Leaves: Dense in easily absorbed iron, Vitamins A,K,C, B complex (excluding B12), magnesium, and calcium. Helps to replenish energy without the downside of caffeine. Great for sleep deprived new moms!

Oatstraw: Loaded with all macro and trace minerals (more calcium than an equal volume of milk), B complex (except B12), and a significant source of protein. Improves digestion, stabilizes mood, reduces anxiety and increases emotional flexibility.